........ At the request of many of you who wish to buy or sell Penn Yan boats, we've developed these brokerage pages.
List your boat "for sale" until it is sold for a 7% commission fee.
Commission fees are due when boat is sold or purchased.
Listings will be added and old ones deleted on an almost a weekly basis.
This is "on your honor" because we expect that we are dealing with honorable people. Anyone who skips out on their obligation to pay the commission fee when their boat sells will have their names listed on our "Isle of Shame" until the fee is paid. If anyone knows of a boat that has been sold and is still listed for sale please advise me. If people are going to sell and slide it's one of the only ways I can find out if a listing is still valid.
To all of you who are honest, lets make this thing a go.
We strongly advise all buyers to have the prospective boat surveyed by a competent marine surveryor.
We are not liable for any problems or misrepresentation of a sellers boat.

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Clarence C.J. Crisp and Rally Killer Charters out of Oak Orchard, NY. I Sold Clarence's 26' Penn Yan to Tom Bachiochi of Vermont, then Clarence decided not to pay the commission because he accepted an offer for the boat that was less then he wanted. Clarence is a well known Charter captain out of Oak Orchard and now runs a BAHA Cruisers. I believe Tom was in on the "scam" as he never would return any of my calls. If you have any dealings with either of these guys...beware! Eric Heinecke of Big Lake, MN and his ex-wife Beth Heinecke, a realtor with Epic Realty of Anoka, MN. Boy, you would think that someone else who makes their living on commission wouldn't try to skip on paying one. I sold Erik's boat for him, then he says he knows he should pay, but can't afford to pay commission because his newly divorced Ex-Wife took all the money. Beth runs interference for him. First she lied and said they sold the boat to a family friend, then she says she does not know how to contact Erik...I think Erik is a contractor, Like I said, she is a realtor...Be wary...they will not honor their word.
Frank Hunter, Hunter Pointe Marine , Frank Hunter Marine and Marine Sales, Inc. all based in or near Freeport NY. I contacted Frank because I knew he had a particular model Penn Yan that a client of mine was looking for. A co brokerage agreement was made and the boat was sold. Frank Hunter, a friend of mine for 20 years, then refused to pay the agreed upon co-commission. He doesn't even have the guts to return my calls or give me a reason, just flat refuses to come to the phone. I wont even go into what he made the buyer go through to pick up the boat after it was paid for, and what he pulled on the seller (insurance adjusters beware). Amayzing how a friend can cut you deeper then any stranger. I would recommend staying away from Frank and any of his many businesses. Many of those on Long Island know Frank, now you know what kind of friend he is. Chris Strathearn, a Fire Chief at Wyoming Hook and Ladder. I called Chris from a Craiglist ad I saw in the Spring of 2010, Chris was looking to sell his gutted Penn Yan 265 and trailer. I went to look at the boat, and determined it was not right for me, but speaking with Chris and his dad we decided to offer the boat for sale through the website. We eventually helped Chris sell the boat to a client from the Schenectedy area. Chris will not return calls and obviousely never paid the commission. I have all the respect and trust in the world for First Responders...but this one you might want to look out for.